2020 is YOUR year!

2020 is YOUR year!

Yep, that is correct, you read that right - we are planning for 2020.... Dont worry i just picked my jaw up off the floor too. We have 60 days left of this year & there is no better time to set some goals, put some plans in place and ensure you kick off the new year feeling motivated & organised. 

SO let me ask you this...

What if you truly believed you could clean your slate and start over for the year 2020? 

What if you could manifest your best life?

What would make you feel truly fulfilled?

What would blow your freaking mind to accomplish?

What would your list look like if you could only put 10 true intentions on it?


What if this next year could be anything you wanted it to be?
Well the good news is, it honestly can be. Whatever has gone on, gone wrong or not happened quite the way you had hoped or planned in 2019- you can either learn from it & prepare yourself to do better, plan better, execute your plan & use every moment of 2019 as fuel to light up 2020, brighter than ever before. 


Here are a few questions to ask yourself to truly be ready for 2020:

1. Who are you. REALLY.  Without external expectations or assumptions or judgements. What does your authentic self really look like? What do you love? What do you value? 

2. Are you ready to let go of limiting beliefs, stop letting yourself down and commit to just getting sh!t done?

3. Stop focusing on the negative, of what you cant do or dont have and start pouring your energy into the things you CAN do, cherish the things & people you DO have?

4. Can you let go of the feeling of owing something to someone. Let go of other peoples expectations, or what society deems you should be doing. Take a look at everything you did this year that let YOU down, forgive yourself for it & promise that in 2020 you will set out to make one singular person proud. YOU. 

5. Lastly. Can you commit wholeheartedly to the changes you need to make and habits you need to form in order to change your current reality to the one you know is your true, happiest & most deserving life. 


When you look at the big picture it can seem truly overwhelming. So here is my tip to break it down into bite size piece. 

1. Write down your MOST important goal
2. Write down the 5 steps that it will take to move closer to achieving it

There is no secret to success, its pretty obvious. If you want something bad enough, you will light the fire in your belly (or under your a$$) and get it done. 


With Love,
Megan Newbery
Founder @ Loveland 

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